Packaging Training for fixing small bugs in Ubuntu


In time with the upcoming release of Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx”, there’s going to be another training by the Ubuntu Classroom . This is going to be another packaging training on the 29th of April – the day Lucid Lynx will be released – which will be available for access by anyone interested at the #ubuntu-classroom on and will touch on fixing small bugs in Ubuntu.

A step in the right direction

This is definitely another step in the right direction, not only for the upcoming Lucid Lynx release, but for Ubuntu as a whole. Activities such as this will allow not only Ubuntu developers and contributors, but users in general, to be proactive and actively participate in bug fixing and testing.

Often overlooked: Bug fixing.

One area that a lot of opensource projects lag behind on is in fixing bugs. The core developers number to a few, and ultimately gets swamped with bug reports. Without the participation of the userbase and the larger community, the open source project will be doomed. With this initiative, the Ubuntu developer community will be assured of constant flow of fresh new minds that will help mold Ubuntu into  one of the best Linux distributions available.

I know of one open source project where a contributing developer had to resort to using strongly worded plea for help and call to arms in order to entice the very community that patronizes the project to help out in bug fixing. I’m just glad this did not have to happen to Ubuntu. With Launchpad and local Ubuntu LoCo Teams aided by the Ubuntu core devs, and the Debian upstream, we can all rest easy that we will enjoy an even better Ubuntu every new release.

However, there is still so much room for everyone to help out. From artwork to translation, and ultimately bug fixing, each of us can definitely help out. In my case, despite overwhelming responsibilities at my day job, I was able to take a glance at the current state of translations in my local LoCo team for translations to the Cebuano dialect and was surprised at the amount of items that have yet to be translated. So I decided to aid in the translation even for just a couple of minutes each day, just to keep the ball rolling, knowing that if I keep it up, I can make a difference.

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