Linux 16.04 LTS vs Linux Mint 18 Sarah

In this article we are going to compare two of the major linux distros.

Both run on the linux 4.4 kernal series and are derived from the Debian heritage.

Ubuntu have got rid of the ubuntu store and moved across to the more popular gnome store which is a great move.

Ubuntu requires less hard disk space with 5gb minimum compared to Mint which requires 9GB although really you need a minimum of 10gb to be comfortable.

Both advertise a 512mb Ram requirement but again 1GB is the realistic minimum for most users.

In our opinion Linux Mint is a bit closer to the Windows layout which may make it more suitable for users coming over to linux for the first time.

Both distributions use their own homebrewed desktop environment. Linux Mint’s is beautiful, it kind of looks like how I would expect the next version of windows to come out in the future. Ubuntu on the other hand has Unity which looks like Apple lost all their money to leprechauns and had to fire every designer they had which just left coders building their operating system. To be fair most users have become attached to unity and at one with its quirks but it will take a bit more getting used to if you haven’t used it before.

Ubuntu is used much more often in server environments like Google cloud console and Amazon AWS. This means if you are using linux as a sandbox or development IDE then it might be best to go with Ubuntu as you can match this to your server deployment.

Ubuntu is also maintained better so updates and security releases get pushed out faster.

The main reason we prefer Ubuntu over mint is because they lock down certain features like live iso creation for commercial reasons.

Video codecs are a pain in linux mint as they need to be installed separetely.

Both distros have a strong community, only Ubuntu has… has anyone registered madformint yet? A mojito site perhaps.

As you probably guessed before reading unless you are very new to linux then we suggest Ubuntu for all your linux needs.

Ubuntu 16.04


Linux Mint 18


Did I mention Sheldon loves Ubuntu too?

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