Welcome to the Party!


Hello! Hello! And welcome to Mad For Ubuntu.

Mad for Ubuntu is this wee little thing that we got going, focusing on the comings and goings exclusively for and about Ubuntu, the Linux-based Operating System. Yes, yes. A lot of Ubuntu blogs and sites have cropped up over the years and I won’t even start naming some.  And I have to admit, some of them have really, really good content in them and I peruse them during my morning and afternoon cup (or mug) of tea. But then again there are some that are just – blah – err plain.

What to Expect

Why, nothing! In all the craziness, we do not even know where to start! Just don’t expect anything, but still keep expecting everything nice coming your way. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it will. I won’t tell you its going to be a bumpy ride, but I won’t tell you that everything will be smooth either.

Why Now? Why Ubuntu?

Again, no reason at all really. There’s no “right timing” going on. I felt like putting it, then I did. Why Ubunu you say? I’m mad for Ubuntu, and I mean M-A-D mad for it. What perfect way to tell others of my madness for it! I’m even hoping that you’ll get mad for it like I do. The more the merrier.

So what do you say? I say it’s time for a cup of tea! Join us for the ultimate Ubuntu tea party and we’ll have a jolly good time. Subscribe to the RSS feed and be the first to savor the freshest cups of savory Ubuntu goodness.

I’ll be expecting you. Or not.

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